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Who am I?

I was raised in Western Canada {well, it’s a start, right?}. Let’s see….

Art has always had my heart {I know, cheesy}, but I felt that if I studied at an art college, I would be one of ‘those’ starving artists and didn’t want to go down that avenue (even though, I may not have been starving, but oh well). I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. It eventually brought me to the States where I currently reside. I met my handsome husband a month after arriving here {blew my plan of going back to Canada in 2 years right out of the water!}, got married, and had a couple of handsome boys … what can I say, I’m surrounded by handsome men in this house!!! Lucky me!

Well, that’s where life has turned for me. Returning to my passion and my first LOVE … ART. Yes, I’ve always dabbled in different mediums of art … faux finishing and mural painting {actually had a business}, Raku pottery, photography, quilting …. ah, quilting! That is what led me to where I am today.

Let me just tell you that I really do come by sewing very honestly. My great-grandmother quilted {I have a lovely quilt she quilted for ME when I was little and I cherish it}, my grandmothers both sewed, my mother sews (and is pretty damn good, Mom, I’m talking to you!), and my auntie is a cutter in the theatre business. This long blood line of sewers has caught me too. There is something about taking a flat piece of fabric and making it in to a master piece, it’s fantastic! Anyway, back on track…. Well, with quilting, you meet so many people with the same interest, they’re so friendly; it’s a real community. Well, one night 2 of my quilting buddies and I got together … one of them had learned a technique and taught us. I really loved this form of quilting as you can be gratified pretty quickly with a finished product in a short time. It’s artistic, it’s creative, and it’s quilting.

So, I’ve turned my passion in to my business. I don’t wish to return to the hospital setting as an RN. My heart is at home with my family. To be accessible to them at all times means the world to me. I don’t want to have any regrets while our boys are growing up and going through school. I never want to say to them that I can’t go to their school to volunteer because I’m working … or to miss their sport games and practices. Would I like the money of working as a nurse, yeah sure, but it won’t buy back the moments I missed with my boys.